May 2nd - Day of Remembrance and Resistance


(Newspaper article translated from German)

Dispute about a memorial plaque
Text in remembrance of victims of the NS-Euthanasia causes trouble

© by Peter Nowak

The "Memorial sites for the victims of the NS-Euthanasia" in Bernburg and the Psychiatric survivors argue over the text on a memorial plaque.

BERLIN - 21. MAI -
"Gathering here from the whole planet we dedicate this memorial plaque to the memory of all those murdered by doctors and psychiatrists in Germany from 1939 to 1948. "

Thus reads the first paragraph of the memorial plaque in German, English, Hebrew and Polish in memory of the ill and handicapped who were murdered in the context of the "Euthanasia" program. In May the plaque was erected by the International Association Against Psychiatric Assault on the "Memorial site for victims of the National Socialist Euthanasia" in Bernburg (Saxonia-Anhalt).

Since then the plaque has been removed by the directors of the memorial site. The stumbling block was the extended date of the psychiatric murders up to the year 1948. The director, Ute Hoffmann, regards this as a playing down of the National Socialist "euthanasia" murders. She expressly requested in a

fax to the association for a change of this passage.

The speaker the psychiatric survivors in Berlin Brandenburg, René Talbot, who led the negotiations with the memorial site, appeared surprised. After objections by Mrs. Hoffmann, the text was changed in two places and then we reached an agreement." The dates mentioned are confirmed by the latest research results.

Meanwhile the discussion between the psychiatric survivors and the memorial site has ended. Ute Hoffmann cited "renovation measures" as a reason for the removal of the plaque. She was however not prepared to make any further statement. Hagai Aviel, of the Israeli section of the psychiatry critics, who held a short speech at the unveilung of the plaque, is particularly disappointed over this development. He now intends to erect the memorial plaque at an Israeli memorial site.
"In Germany the time is unfortunately not yet ripe" said Mr. Aviel with regret.


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