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in English:

Prof. Alexander Leads 5th Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation Tribunal

NAMI Santa Cruz County Newsletter

Opinion (Guardian - Manchester September 25, 2001)

in German:

When Brain research, psychiatry and human genetics unite... (Telepolis: June 7, 2001)

The right to the freedom of thought is not limited to thoughts which the state deems to be healthy (Telepolis: June 8, 2001)

The short path to biological weapons (Frankfurter Rundschau: June 8, 2001)

The Mind or Genes (Tageszeitung: June 12, 2001)

Defense offensive in a test-tube (Frankfurter Rundschau: June 18, 2001)

Psychiatry and coercion often appear as twin concepts (Frankfurter Rundschau: July 3, 2001)

5. Russell-Tribunal Psychiatry (Das Parlament: July 6, 2001 - Page 7)

International Thought Police (Junge Welt prints the Verdict of the Russell Tribunal in full: July 7, 2001 - Page 10)

Can the Russell Tribunal make a difference? Interview (Junge Welt: July 10, 2001)

The psychiatrizing gaze (Telepolis vom 24.7.2001 about the World Congress on Bio-Psychiatry)

"Without morals it is not possible to lead a dispute successfully. Interview (Telepolis: July 27, 2001)

In the September issue of the "Berliner Behindertenzeitung":
The Verdict of the Russell Tribunal on Human Rights in Psychiatry (printed in full, including an explanation of what the Russell Tribunal is.)

Dorothea Buck: A response concerning two contrasting congresses (Psychosoziale Umschau 3/2001)

Brigitte Siebrasse and Matthias Seibt: The 5th Russell Tribunal (Psychosziale Umschau 4/2001)

in Norwegian:

Sammenlignet med totlitaere regimer:
PSYKIATRIE FORDOMT AV RUSSELL-TRIBUNAL (Cover of "Klassekampen", Olso, July 9, 2001
and Pages 6 und 7: Russell-tribunalet felte psykiatrien)

Russelltribunalet: Psykiatri i søkelyset (Aftenposten, Oslo, 31.7.2001)

in Hebrew:

Evil under the protection of the law (Maariv, 6.8.2001)

Torture or treatment (Ha´aretz 8.8.2001)

Artikel von Esther Hertzog (Emza Natania)