May 2nd - Day of Remembrance and Resistance

2. May Remembrance and Resistance Day 2024

in memory of the medical-psychiatric mass murders of 1939 - 1949
and as a sign of the continuing resistance against today's forced psychiatry.

The 29th T4 parade on Remembrance and Resistance Day, May 2nd

We will meet on Thursday, May 2, 2024 in Berlin for the 29th T4 parade on the "Day of Remembrance and Resistance" in memory of the systematic psychiatric mass murders of 1939 - 1949 and as a sign of the ongoing resistance against today's forced psychiatry. We will gather at 3 pm at the memorial plaque at Tiergartenstr. 4 and march to the European House, Unter den Linden 78. It represents the European Commission and the European Parliament on Pariser Platz. The theme of the procession is:
WHO and UN demand: Non-violent psychiatry now!

The World Health Organization (WHO), together with the UN (represented by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights), has made it a requirement to abolish all coercive psychiatric measures so that psychiatry becomes non-violent, i.e. coercive measures should not only be reduced and avoided, but freedom from violence should be guaranteed. Adults may still be locked up in a closed ward of a psychiatric hospital and subjected to coercive treatment if, and only if, this is to be tolerated, as previously stipulated in a living will signed by the person concerned. Such treatment therefore respects the wishes of the person concerned and does not violate them. Only in this case of prior consent in a corresponding living will does freedom of therapy apply to restraint, confinement and compulsory treatment.

This paradigm shift was published by the WHO here:, translated by us into German and published here:

Non-violent psychiatry has long been our demand, see most recently our press release of 23.11.2022 on the occasion of the handover of the first 1500 signatures to the Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities and the Monitoring Body of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) at the German Institute for Human Rights.

We are convinced that all those working in the healthcare system have a duty to organize the healthcare system in such a way that everyone acts in accordance with human rights and the requirements of the WHO.
This is why we are protesting on the "Day of Remembrance and Resistance".


On the occasion of our demonstration march to comemmorate our Day of Remembrance and Resistance beginning at the T 4 memorial and ending at the European Representation centre, this speech was made:

What is Europe doing?

  •  We are gathering here for the 29th time.

  • 75 years after the systematic murder in psychiatric institutions came to an end, the world and the World Health Organization have recognized that psychiatry must be non-violent

  • This puts the onus on the medical establishment in particular to make non-violent psychiatry part of everyday practice

  • This joint decision by the UN, through the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the World Health Organization (WHO) was announced in October last year. However, the fact that we were only informed of this with a delay cannot dampen our joy

  • It is now first and foremost the responsibility of the medical profession, which is at the top of the medical hierarchy, to implement this decision immediately

  • The state or the European Union can accelerate the payment of this debt by amending legal regulations, but doctors want to and are responsible for their actions, so they must act immediately to avoid turning the entire profession into state-protected criminals

  • This may sound like a medium-sized revolution, but this is quite simply the world order created since 1948 as a result of the German war of extermination and the systematic mass murders from 1939 to 1949, which began in Germany in the psychiatric wards from here at Tiergartenstrasse 4

  • We should be reminded of the statement by Ernst Klee: It was not the Nazis who used the doctors, but the doctors who used the Nazis.

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