May 2nd - Day of Remembrance and Resistance

International Commemoration 2008

Permanent commemoration: Names of victims 1939 - 1945


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Click here for the "Freedom from Fear" tour in 1999 to visit areas where exterminations took place in hospitals located in different parts of Germany.
Click here for the international "Foucault Tribunal" which took place on May 2nd 1998 in Berlin. As a reference to this event the R&R Day is on the 2nd of May.

In Deutsch: Aufruf zum 2. Mai in Berlin

Call for the Remembrance & Resistance day on May 2nd, 2008
(This is the Resolution Point # 1 of the General Assembly of the International Association Against Psychiatric Assault of April 22, 2008)

May 2nd, 2008 is the tenth anniversary of the Verdict of the Foucault Tribunal. This is a great opportunity to celebrate this special anniversary because on the next day (May 3rd) in accordance with the contractual rules, the UN-Disability Convention will enter into force internationally. Thus ends the first phase of applying this convention: 20 states must have ratified the convention before it can become valid internationally. The fact that this goal has been reached now is particularly opportune for us, because now there is no more reason to promote a rapid ratification of the convention, rather we can now concentrate on the fact that BEFORE the ratification in further countries our demand for the abolishment of all mental health laws must be fulfilled. Only by the fulfillment of these minimalistic defense rights from torture-like psychiatric coercion treatment and arbitrary detention in psychiatric prisons, can the Disability Convention not become an additional shield of coercive psychiatry.

Without prior consent to this demand, the convention and those ratifying it become a caricature of the human rights which they pretend to strengthen, because the fulfillment of economic, social and cultural rights has as a precondition that the fundamental rights to liberty, in particular the abolishment of torture (e.g. by means of psychiatric coercive treatment), is assured.

Even if, by the use of the optional protocol, an attempt is made after the ratification to prompt states to fulfill the convention, it is particularly necessary with regard to psychiatric assault that the legislator abolishes the mental health laws which legalise these crimes. If the legislator should refuse our explicit demand to do this before the ratification, then there is hardly any chance thereafter, since he obviously perceives the Disability Convention only as an alibi anyway. That, in the 24 states which have ratified the convention in the meantime, there is not the least sign of a loosening of the violent regime of coercive psychiatry, is blatant proof of this.

Our demand for abolishment of the mental health laws now - before a ratification - is a great opportunity, which we celebrate with the Remembrance & Resistance day. This celebration we link to a commemoration of our ca. 300,000 sisters and brothers systematically murdered by doctors in Germany, Poland and Austria in 1939-1949 (see also here). A slanderous diagnosis was their death sentence.

Remembrance & Resistance day on May 2nd, 2008



Start of the demonstration march in front of the Institute for Human Rights
(Text on large banner: "Forced custodianship is a crime")


Beginn des Umzugs vor dem deutschen Institut für Menschenrechte




End of the demonstration march at the Tiergartenstrasse 4




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Flowers on the memorial plaque in remembrance of our murdered sisters and brothers


Blumen auf der Gedenktafel zur Erinnerung an unsere ermordeten Schwerstern und Brüdern

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