May 2nd - Day of Remembrance and Resistance

T4-March on
Mai 2nd 2019 in Berlin

Our demonstration to commemorate the medical psychiatric mass murders and
as a sign of the ongoing resistance against the present-day forced psychiatry

Call for the T4 protest march 2019

As we have been doing since 1995, we are rallying for the annual T4 protest march on the "Day of Remembrance and Resistance" on Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 2 p.m. at the T4 Memorial Plate, Tiergarten St. 4, in Berlin. We marched to the front of the office of the psychiatrist society DGPPN on Reinhardtstraße 27 B to do the final demonstration.

The motto of the protest march is:
Psychiatrists – state-protected criminals
The special occasion is the mendacity of the DGPPN, with which it ignores its responsibility, see here (in German).

The T4 plaque at the "Aktion T4"...

...of the Tiergartenstr. 4, ...

...where we honoured the murdered individuals, for whose "diagnosis as mentally ill" was a death sentence.

At the memorial plaque: "In honor of the forgotten victims."...

...the protest march began...

...and flowers were laid.

On the way to the Brandenburg Gate.

At the memorial for the murdered Jews in Europe.

At the Brandenburg Gate.

At the seat of the DGPPN...

...the demonstration continued...

...and Flyers (in German) were distributed.

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